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Update: The Seven (Book Two in the Revelation trilogy) is now available!

The Seven

Three months after battling dark forces and obtaining scrolls that contain the means for Hell to enter Earth's realm, the Daemoni, X, his new love, Eve, and her brother, Jeremy, must escape a greater threat when world governments expose the demon infiltration and X's existence to the humans. With help from unexpected allies, the trio faces betrayal, Hellspawn, and inner demons as they prepare for the most damning revelation yet.



In the year 2040, the Eastern and Western Hemispheres have been segregated out of fear, a direct result of the birth and genocide of the Daemoni, a hybrid human and demon race. Like the rest of the human population, nineteen-year-old Eve wonders if the half-breeds were a hoax to profit political agendas, or if, perhaps, there really is an impending, prophesied threat beating upon the door to this world. When Eve is taken captive by X, the stunning, sole-surviving Daemoni, everything she has ever known comes crashing down around her. X has to gain her trust, and that of her family, to prove that he is no monster, for he knows that he will need their help in this war. Now, at a most crucial time in human history, these youth must find the strength, love, and courage within themselves and one another to stop the forces of Hell or die trying.

And you will remain, until your song stills,


And fades beneath my flesh.

Bone House


But this wasn't one of those moods. I just didn't have anything to say that I hadn't already said, and if I did have something new to say, it might add tension to the situation that was already perched like a giant crow in the middle of the room. Our fate was squawking at us, taunting us, and it was ugly, but none of us wanted to acknowledge it.




Bone House is a collection of poems that I wrote during the later half of my undergraduate studies. I suppose I was going through a bout of emotional upheaval and it was neccessary for me to express my thoughts in some organized way. Some of the poems are funny, others a bit morbid, but the general themes are love, finding an identity, and womanhood. The strange thing about writing is that sometimes it is driven by emotions, and ever since I found contentment, I haven't been able to write another poem. I hope you can enjoy reading this collection as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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