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X Might Be My New Beau

For those of you who have read Revelation . . . Does X not make you swoon!? Eve is a lucky lady.

I thought that some of you may have questions about X:

Q: Who was X's "human" father?

A: I never planned on giving him a name, but he was a construction worker who, unfortunately, was possessed by X's real sire, Mordune. Mordune's name was never given in the novel, but I decided that since he played an integral role in the action, he couldn't remain "he who must not be named."

Q: Did the government ever actually try to track X down after his mother escaped?

A: Absolutely! How could they let a Daemoni roam the Earth? However, they never thought to look in a monastery because that is the last place on Earth a demon spawn could be, right?

Q: What color would X's eyes have been if they weren't black and platinum?

A: Brown, just like the eyes of his lovely mother, Dora.

Q: What did X do in his spare time when he wasn't hunting demons or protecting Eve?

A: He didn't have time for much else, except maybe working out--a lot-- to burn off dark energy. But when he was a child, he read constantly, most of the time from the biblical scriptures. However, his dirty pleasure was to read the secret copy of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight that Norene stowed away in her box under the bed.

If ever you have questions, feel free to message them to me on my Facebook page!



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